Bonds Aston Martin DB10 shows it’s stuff

One thing you can guarantee when there is a new James Bond film on the cards is that the team at Aston Martin will have created something that will get every self respecting male hot under the collar whilst simultaneously falling into a depression because their second hand Volvo C70 doesn’t have machine guns built into their headlights or an ejector seat.

Well today, Aston Martin uploaded a video which showcases the super spy’s new whip, and it as you might imagine, there is a lot of speed, a lot of noise, and a lot of tyre marks left on the road. It is very much a futuristic Aston and doesn’t quite fill me with the kind of classic British nostalgia that I would hope for, nevertheless the video has left me convinced that I would love to get behind the wheel. Response to the video has been mixed so far:

┬áThe front looks…abit too much like a lotus evora?


So futuristic for an Aston! But very much a stunner.


Seriously though the car maybe new and have a lovely stylish shape but it is still very much Aston Martin looking.

Martin The Smoggie UTB!

If you are a fan, and have a money tree, you will be disappointed to hear that they are only making 10 DB10s, 8 of which are being used for the film, the other two will be going elsewhere, but non will be made for sale.