A Car for Cyclists

Creating a car with cyclists in mind may seem a little counter intuitive, but that is exactly what Honda seem to have done with the new Honda Civic Tourer estate concept. The Estate car will be revealed properly at the Frankfurt Motor Show that is little over a week away.


The particular Civic Tourer will be named the Honda Civic Tourer Active Life Concept, and obviously here the “Active Life” part considers the type of person who likes to go on bike rides…. Or more importantly the type of person who wants to drive to their desired bike ride starting point. To be fair it does sound pretty impressive, if you do like going far a field and taking your bikes with you, it would no doubt be a very welcome addition to the Civic range. It has a very clever bike rack that comfortably takes two bikes without having to hang them off of the back of your car, they remain full enclosed. When you pull the bikes out they are fixed on a bracket which you can fix and then use for other purposes such as bike maintenance etc. You will have to take the front wheel of the bikes though.

The major problem however is that it looks a little ugly, especially for a Concept car, don’t get me wrong, concept cars are often garish but not just plain ugly. Inside the Civic Active Life Concept things are pretty familiar, aside from the two bikes in the back, the interior is very much the same as that of the standard Civic. If you are a cyclist and don’t wish to wait years for the Civic Active Life Concept, you can maybe get second hand Subaru Outback which is a favourite for those lugging around bikes.